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I'm currently studying at Kwansei Gakuin in Nishinomiya, Japan! My travel blog is here (in Japanese), relevant posts on this blog are tagged 日本2014.

I translate things, cosplay things, write things, and even sometimes draw things and sing things.

I take commissions for fanfiction and other writing!

I tag fandoms and things of interest, and also any triggers.

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Nagisa: Hey, hey! When you guys eat an Iwatobi Cream Bread, where do you start from?

Rei: I suppose I’d start eating from its rear end.

Makoto: I’d start with its head.

Haru: I’d start from its right cheek.

Rei: What about you, Nagisa-kun?

Nagisa: I’d start by ripping its head off and sucking out the jam and marmalade from its body!

Makoto: That’s kind of violent.

Nagisa: I’ll demonstrate how I eat one now, so watch closely!

Makoto: You don’t have to demonstrate!

Thank you KyoAni for the Lucky Star reference.


im so glad i’m not the only one who caught this

Free! Eternal Summer || Ending Cards from episode 1-4

Chanel spring 2006 couture details

Chanel spring 2006 couture details


Background art from the Studio Ghibli film When Marnie was There (思い出のマーニー). Yohei Taneda (種田陽平) is the art director for this summer’s animated feature.


some 69 mins


just like the sun


just like the sun


remember when nicki remixed single ladies and beyonce didn’t remove it from the internet

the great thing about moving so often is that i am a Pro at packing up all my belongings

i just packed about 75% of my clothes, half my books, all my toiletries and a significant portion of my souvenirs into the smaller of my two suitcases

I still have one large suitcase, a small carryon, and a backpack left to fit everything else into (i could probably fit all of it into the carryon if i tried really hard)


Watching Pokémon on Saturday mornings as a kid