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yggdrasilly asked: Madoka was a fantastic series. Actually, one of the only anime I've been able to watch start to finish for a few years now. How are you enjoying it? :D

I just finished it tonight! And I watched almost the entire second half of the series today so I kind of
have a lot of feelings


but mostly I think it was just really well done! Like I loved all of the characters and they all had really excellent motivations and they were all sympathetic in their own ways
but Homura
I think what she did was basically one of the greatest things anybody could do for anybody else and it was just so beautiful
I’ve gone entirely past shipping her and Madoka romantically and skipped right to soulmates
that’s the kind of love epic poems are about
that’s quite literally the kind of love that saves the world

like who cares if they kiss - they rewrote history, time, and space to save each other
(okay but maybe I wanted them to kiss just once at the end)

I’m also in love with the art and the character designs and the way that it ended was just perfect

But yeah I think it was a really, really good series! even if it was INSANELY SAD 

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    I KNOW. I had SO MANY FEELINGS. I was watching it as it aired too, and the last two episodes were delayed and delayed...
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