Deanna. 21. I'm a senior at Carthage College near Chicago and I'm majoring in Japanese & Public Relations.

Right now I mostly blog about that one swimming anime.

I translate things, cosplay things, and write things.

I take commissions for fanfiction and other writing

I tag fandoms and things of interest, and also any triggers.

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bbytae replied to your photo: ugh i’m not super happy with this schedule but i…

i might have some classes with you i have to take visual communication and 2d design too but i don’t register til tomorrow

oh whoa i didn’t know you went to carthage?

anyways both of the sections i registered for were still pretty empty so my guess is that you’ll get in

so yes you should definitely get in the same section as me if you can!

  1. chlones said: wow sarah that’s mary…..
  2. bbytae said: oh lol sorry!!! this is jenny’s friend mary. i want to avoid 8ams as much as possible but idk i’ll see tomorrow i guess. i’ll try to add the same visual comm at least. is the class that goes from 3:15-5 CDM too?
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