Deanna. 20. A writer, a cosplayer, a singer, a fan of a lot of things, and a PR and Japanese double major at Carthage College .

I'm currently studying at Kwansei Gakuin in Nishinomiya, Japan! My travel blog is here (in Japanese), relevant posts on this blog are tagged 日本2014.

I translate things, cosplay things, write things, and even sometimes draw things and sing things.

I take commissions for fanfiction and other writing!

I tag fandoms and things of interest, and also any triggers.

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So I’m singing “No Light, No Light” alone in my house with no backup


that’s what I do in my spare time

Also wow dang my microphone is a lot worse than I realized
sorry for whatever the fuck it decided to do to the long note and the couple random skips 

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